Birhthday Proust Questionairre

Your favorite virtue. – Integrity Your favorite qualities in a man. – Height, honesty, Intelligence, and humor Your favorite qualities in a woman. – Honesty, Intelligence, humor, and a penchant for happy hour Your favorite occupation. – High Power CEO turned high school geography teacher Your chief characteristic. short Your idea of happiness. the sun … Continue reading Birhthday Proust Questionairre


Today I woke up and the sun was shining. This was only 5 minutes ago but I have coconut oil in my mouth and water being brewed for tea so I’m in a wonderful mood! 5 things I’m thankful for today: 1.Hot Tea– I love everything about tea and after a year of tipping the … Continue reading Grateful

Sour Lemons

Monday started with a huge glass of sea-salt in tepid water. I’m not sure if it was my water-quality or an effect of the sodium but the lukewarm water had a slimy and filmy quality, contrasting all too sharply with the sudden spill of salt that dumped into my mouth at the end. Monday was … Continue reading Sour Lemons

Last Days

The last days that my mother was on earth were not much of a contrast to the strained and somewhat unbearably strange distance that two people living in the same home can have. It would have been a great opportunity for us to have opened up to one another, revealing our long withheld secrets to … Continue reading Last Days

Rawk Bawtawm

What are the major differences between happiness and sadness? In Israel, being on the road with my dad and listening to the Beatles while watching the carved-by-nature architecture of monotone desert landscapes pass by… that is happiness. Coming back to a city that is flooded with rain and being unable to find ginger that isn’t … Continue reading Rawk Bawtawm


Just sipping on my fifth (sixth?!?) cup of tea today. It’s not too hard to blow through tea when your entire day consists of reading Bolaño, looking at beautiful photos, and watching old re-runs of Friends.  Continue reading Mugs